Child Friendly Taxis

Please note, that the driver will try to make contact with you within 30 minutes of your flight arrival time. Please ensure that you turn on your mobile phone upon landing. However, if we are unable to contact you and there has been no contact made within 40 minutes of your arrival you are liable to be charged waiting time of €5 per every 10 minutes waiting. If after a further 10 minutes (50 minutes since your flight landed) you have still not made contact, the driver will have no choice but to leave as he could be going to another booking.

Waiting time charges are applied after 35 minutes on local, UK and short European Flights, 45 minutes on cross Atlantic, long haul etc. 

There should be no reason for you to leave the airport terminal as if you leave we have no idea as to where you could be.

Please make every effort to make contact before moving around.

All waiting time rates are added to fare at the end of the journey.           

Please bare in mind that the driver has a living to make and that the first 30 minutes waiting time for airport collections are not charged for in good faith. Please keep a record of the phone number for Child Friendly Taxi/driver with your travel documents.

Delayed Flights

We understand the unpredictability of air travel, with flights arriving late and in some cases early and appreciate that this is out of your control. We will monitor your flights to keep an eye out for this however, occasionally it happens that a delayed flight will arrive the same time as another booking. Should this happen, we will do our utmost to have another driver available to collect you. Please be aware that this may result in a delay in your collection, but is out of my control due to the knock on effect of the flight delay.

If your flight is delayed by one hour of it original time of landing there will be a €10 charge – this covers the extra time in car park.

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